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Press Release: JFDA

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

We are pleased to announce the completion of a digital archive of the lectures given by James Farmer at Mary Washington College in 1983, filmed on location by a local television station. These lectures encompass a wide variety of Farmer’s experiences as a Civil Rights leader and as an African American during the 1960s. In Dr. Jeffrey McClurken’s Digital History seminar, Caitlin Murphy, Kelsey Matthews, Michelle Martz, and Laura Donahue were tasked with creating a website to make the lecture recordings accessible to the public. These students decided the goal was to present Farmer in his own words. His life experiences and eloquence easily allow his stories to stand on their own. Project tasks included creating the website aesthetics and uploading of completed items, making the website easily searchable, digitizing the lectures, uploading them to Vimeo, clipping out selected stories, making a video trailer to promote the lectures, and transcribing each lecture. With the help of Tim Owens and Jim Groom of DTLT, the group has received extraordinary assistance in website design as well as podcast help. The podcasts of lecture audio are now available in iTunes. We invite you to enjoy our website at the following url: