Defending my Contract

For referral, here is a link to our contract.

Despite uncertainty and unforeseen problems, I believe my group followed our contract as promised.  Our main goals was to create a digital archive that showed James Farmer “in his own words,” with little to no interpretation. To show case the lectures we promised to edit, upload, transcribe, and summarize each lecture, which we completed. For technicalities, we stated in our contract that we would use WordPress through UMW Blogs, which we did because it was the best format to display and organize the lectures. Even though we stated that we would use SoundCloud, to host the audio, we later changed to use iTunesU. After our contract was written we received the permission to use iTunesU, which was a better place to house the audio. We wrote that we would use SoundCloud because at the time we were told that iTunesU would not work. We were told that the UMW account/server was down. However, once we were told that we had permission and access to use iTunes we uploaded the audio to it.  As stated in our contract, we did use Vimeo to upload and house the lectures online. For the work load, Kelsey transcribed each lecture, I summarized each lecture, Caitlin and I used Adobe Premier to edit clips to create small summaries or “selected stories,” Caitlin created a video trailer that promotes our project and James Farmer’s legacy, and Laura organized and developed the site.  We held to this list of jobs, but also helped and added to the project. We all worked together when others needed help. For example, we all proofread Kelsey’s transcriptions. We all created publicity for the site e. Kelsey included a map on top of her workload. There was never a time when one person did not have work to do because when there was no work left in the contract a member would pitch in to get work finished or create a new part of the project. We held to our timeline of work. On our last meeting with Dr. McClurken we discussed adding a statement on how to cite our website. Unfortunately, we did not get around to adding it. However, we will add it to our website once we get the edits back from Dr. McClurken. We hope to not be penalized because we plan to add it and it was not stated in our contract. Even though we had difficulty with the missing videos, I think we handled the situation in the best way possible. We might not have had the video, but we included the audio, transcription, and summary of each of the missing videos. I believe that as a group and as individuals we all participated fully in the creation of the website. In addition, I believe that we followed our contract. If anything, I believe anything we did outside of our contract was an addition to our final product.

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