It’s the Tail End

We are shooting to turn the website into Dr. MCclurken before Tuesday. We still have more work to do, but it is mostly cleaning things up and publicity.

Kelsey made a Twitter, which is @jamefarmerlec. So, follow us! We need to finalize, print out, and post our flyers. We also need to paint the rock.

For our site, we need to cite a few photographs, add a few more related links, we want to add the other videos from the other Farmer site, and proofread. I started proofreading today, which is not just about texts. I am going through and making sure every link, tab, and button takes the user where it is suppose to take them. Also, I am making sure all the videos are working in the proper order.

We are in the home stretch!

One Response to “It’s the Tail End”

  1. amodernselkie says:

    We are in the home stretch indeed! I will make sure to look over the website again tonight. I have been making some small modifications to the layout and design, and changing a spelling error here or there when I noticed it. Thank you for all of your hard work on proofreading and checking all of the links! You’ve been doing a really impressive job.