April 11th Update

Today I inserted the text of the summaries for all the audio and video posts. This way people can just read the short summary to see if they want to hear, read, or watch the lecture. Also, we can tag important words within the summaries.

I, also, put in text and a photograph on the About page which describes James Farmer,his time at UMW and how these lectures were created.

I created a QR code for our site. We can put it on flyers for people to scan with their smart phones and it will take them strait to our site. Here is the code:

2 Responses to “April 11th Update”

  1. kay21w says:

    First of all, I would like to say that your site looks amazing! I still can’t believe how far you all have come despite the trouble you were having with the audio and video files! I also want to second Laura’s comment about the QR code! I wish we had thought to add one to our fliers!

  2. Laura says:

    Hands down our best PR move. I see QR codes on everything from mall advertisements, to pepsi cups, to the coasters at restaurants. Not only are they appearing everywhere, but they are constantly being used. Even if someone might just take a glance at one of our fliers, they could be curious about the code, and instantly get to our site.