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March 27 – Reflections on Readings

Monday, March 26th, 2012

I’m going to be honest at the beginning; this weeks articles were difficult for me. It could be because I’m getting over a sinus infection. But, I really think its because I don’t know a lot of the vocabulary. I spent a lot of time looking up words and then looking up more words in the definition. I think now I have a handle on the Ngams.

What I have taking from these articles and sites is that searching for history is complex and there are a variety a ways to go about searching. Also, how are people making searching for history easier? How can we as a class make our sites more searchable?

Carr, Is Google Making Us Stupid? (2008)

As I read Carr’s article, I found myself trying to skim it. However, I tried to force myself to read the entire article to prove a point. That my reading hasn’t changed, but it has. My friend and I joke that we don’t read too many articles anymore. Instead we just read their headlines on our tweeter feeds. I still read articles, but only the ones with the most compelling titles. I think Carr makes a good point about reading, but I think it has to be reading on the computer. For me, there is a major difference between reading a printed book and a book on the web. I don’t focus as much once with the text on the screen.

Applying Quantitative Analysis to Classic Lit,” Wired, Dec. 2009

This article was interesting to me because it makes a lot of sense for researchers. Wouldn’t it be great to pop in a search engine  7,000 books in 18th- and 19th-century England and discover a correlation between them? Research would be simpler in the fact that there would be results. However, I am concerned that the majority of the results would be insignificant to the research.

The Mining Dispatch is a really interesting site! It’s amazing how they put together the articles. You can almost compare them right away. This site works because it can work for multiple interests and research objectives.


Making Clips

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Today I spent time making clips of the videos. We are using to Adobe Premiere to edit the videos.

We are breaking the videos down into clips for two reasons. First reason is to use these clips for our trailer. Second reason is to cut out important stories for the website. Making shorter clips are for people (most people) who don’t want to watch 25-30 minutes of a lecture.

The process of clip making is pretty easy (of course, after Caitlin showed me how). I just bring the video into Premiere. I set In and Out points. The In point will the the beginning of my clip and the Out point will the be the end. I can create the points by playing or scrubbing the video to the frames I want and pressing “i” for In point and “o” for Out point. Then I got to the clip drop down and click “Make subclip.” I save the sub clip, then I’m finished with that clip and on to the next.

Pretty easy process.

Thursday Caitlin and I finished Lecture 5. Today I finished 6-9. These clips talk about The March on Washington, Freedom Summer, and James Farmer’s escape from a lynch mob.


Updating my digital resume

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I added my thesis to my digital resume. I worked hard on it and I decided to post it. Well, I only posted my abstract with my contact information if someone want to see the entire paper.

My biggest concern about my resume is that it is not searchable. I does come high on my google search, but I have little traffic. To get more traffic I tried to update my LinkedIn account, but I guess I forgot my password. Also, I made a twitter just for professional interests and have that go with my resume. I have connected to my blog.

Hopefully these things work!

Clip Maker

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

This week Caitlin and I started making sub clips of the lectures. We focused on important stories and/or quotes from James Farmer. The clips will be used for the digital archives for people who do not want to watch the full lectures that can be about 30 minutes long. Also, we will use the clips to make the trailer for the introduction of our site.

We used Adobe Premier to make the sub clips of the lectures. Caitlin showed me how to make in and out points and then create the sub clips.

While we made the clips, we also proofread Kelsey’s transcription. She did a really good job because I could barely find any mistakes. Good job, Kelsey!

Bryan Alexander

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

It was a great experience to have Bryan Alexander observe our class. Not only is he professional and source of knowledge on digital humanities, he is very personable.

He provided my group with some great feedback. He advised us to reach out to history podcasts to promote traffic to our digital archives. We had thought to contact archives, museums, and blogs about our site, but not podcasts. Great advice.

I am already very excited about our project, but Dr. Alexander’s enthusiasm made me that much more excited.

Digital Resume

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

I created my digital resume/portfolio over the summer with wordpress (not umwblogs). I still need to add a few things and update information.

I want to make it more exciting, but I’m having trouble thinking of anything. I have a facebook and a twitter, but I like to keep those private and do not want to link them to my resume. Maybe I could start blogging from my digital portfolio…..


Here is the link

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Digital Tattoo

The first thing I did on Digital Tattoo was to look myself up on the Internet. I couldn’t find myself on Not even when I used my nickname, which my twitter and facebook are under. So, I guess I’m safe on that front.

Then I googled myself. I felt silly about it at first, thinking, “nothing is going to be there.” And, I was right. Only my LinkedIn profile was there, which is good because I want people to see that.

Then I searched my nickname. My Twitter and Pinterest account were the top hits. Now it makes me think about making both accounts private.

Then I deleted my browser history because I never remember to do that….

Digital Tattoo reminded me how important it is to think before I post things on the Internet.

Will Richardson’s “Footprints in the Digital Age

The first site I visited Digital Tattoo taught me to be more private on the Internet. I was pretty proud at how un-searchable I am. Then I read Richardson’s thoughts. Apparently, I am sort of a loser for not being searchable at all… Richardson does say that privacy is important, but also being searchable for collective and engaging learning is also important. I have blogs and a online resume but they aren’t being searched, so what’s the point?

One of the greatest things about the internet is to interact and learn together. Richardson points out some tips for a personal learning network. I following number one: read blogs. Check. Thanks to googlereader I read blogs all the time. I usually ignore number two: participate and post on blogs. I never really post because I don’t really think my comments are worthwhile. However, posting that I did enjoy the article is nice for the author. Maybe it will get me in the habit of posting my comments. I have a facebook and a twitter, but they are under my nickname. I am starting a twitter under my real name for more professional and educational followings. So no Lady Gaga.

Rachel Zupek’s “Build a Digital Footprint You Can Be Proud Of

This article was more about career than Richardon’s which was about engaging personal learning networks. Zupek discusses the importance to creating an online presence for yourself.

Here is a quote from Zack Grossbart, a virtual team coach and author of “The One Minute Commute.”

“If you have an established career and no online presence, it is a big red flag for employers,” Grossbart says. “Employers expect to find blogs, forum posts, LinkedIn profiles and many other sources of information about you. If you haven’t been mentioned by other people in a professional context, employers will wonder why not.”

Red flag? I believe it. And, now I need to be working on putting myself online, but is a way that puts my best work forward.


Reading these articles and sites showed me there is a balance between privacy and putting yourself out on the Internet.

Spring Break Work

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

I took sometime out of my spring break to work on our project (pat myself on the back). I spent time in the Digital Media lab uploading videos to Vimeo. Thank you to Professor McClurken we have a Vimeo Plus account. This allows us to uploaded more videos. With the basic Vimeo account we could only upload one video a week.

Now we are rolling along. Cailtin and I will hopefully start working on ideas for our trailer.

Dodged a problem

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Today we had a little scare. As Kelsey was going through the lectures to transcribe, she noticed that lecture 10 and 9 were the same. She checked on the videos, found lecture 10, but it had no audio. For awhile we believed to be missing lecture 10 audio. If so, then we would be out of luck until all the videos could be re-digitized. Thankfully, once we played the file in adobe premire the audio played. I’m just glad we didn’t have ANOTHER problem on our hand.