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Where we stand….

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Well, it seems our group still has a lot of questions to answer. We have had some trouble locating all the videos/files of the Farmer videos. Don’t worry, we have them now.

Next up is the question of hosting. We have finally settled on Vimeo because it allows us to host our large files. This is great news because for awhile we didn’t know how to host the videos. For example, they are too long for Youtube.

Now that we have a host, Caitlin and I will start to upload the videos in their entirety and make clips. Hopefully, we can most of this work done over spring break.

Wikipedia Pages

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

I started with the first search I could think of…American Revolutionary War.

Looking at the Discussion/Talk tab of Wikipedia, I see in-depth discussions about the War’s history and displaying it on the Wikipedia page. Looking at the “Request Edit” people are asking for information to be changed or cleared. These are interesting notes because they show how people are interpreting the history individually.

Looking at this talk page it reminds me of my internship over the summer. The museum I interned at invited people from Wikipedia to create a page about on of the collections. Wikipedians came for an all day researching and drafting council. Through extensive discussions and editing, the page was created. Now looking at the Talk tab I see how this can be done when the creators are not all sitting in the same conference room.

The History tab shows the edits that have occurred over time. This shows how history and interpretation change through time, research, and perspectives.

Looking at the tabs I can see how communication occurs on behind the articles on Wikipedia. It also demonstrates that the Wikipedia articles are not static, and can be continually changed.

Group Contract

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

We developed a plan to create our digital archives of Farmer Lectures. After talking to our professor, we realized we need to iron out a few things. We need to add how long the lectures are and if we have the audio and video files. In addition, we are still deciding what site is best for hosting our videos.

We did change our division of labor. I am now working on the video editing with Caitlin. This is a better plan because video and audio editing will take a very long time. Caitlin, get ready to spend many hours with me in the Digital Media Lab!

February 6th Update

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Over the weekend my group worked hard to listen, transcribe, and summarize the James Farmer Lectures. Since transcribing takes work, we still have more to finish. Our summaries are in the first drafts.We are keeping our work on Google Docs so that we can collaborate.

This week will get together to proofread the summaries and make sure the tone and wording is the same because eventually we want to tag the summaries for searching on our site.

Google Maps

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Click here for my map

I made a map of (what I think) are the three most important places in St. Louis, MO. For starters, I labeled the Arch, which is an icon for the city. I also made point for the Zoo because it is an amazing zoo, and FREE> My last point on my map is of the Loop, which is an area for shopping, eating, watching entertainment, and most importantly listening to Blues music.

In addition, I made a loop that cuts through the city using the cities main highway, Highway 40 or Interstate 64. Even though, I could not make a point for everything this route would show you a lot of the city.

This assignment showed me how easy it is to make using Google. I think this is a creative way to use history. Just as there are online exhibits, there can be online tours with google maps. Using this online tool can be very helpful.

I don’t think my group will be using this tool because it doesn’t fit into our goal of our project. But, I could see other groups using this tool effectively.